1. Based on a dream

    I am walking through a wheat field. Wading seems a bit more appropriate.

    I am with two other girls and another guy. One of the girl’s face I knew. The guy and the other girl’s faces I couldn’t see.

    I am alone as they the three walk together. The girl whose face I can see clings onto him firmly. The other girl was an arm’s length away.

    I am alone now, but I do not feel a thing. No hatred, no joy, sorrow or fear. I am not even numb.

    Some time passes.

    The girl whose face I can see comes back. She is crying. We walk pass each other. I only look back as she continues waywardly walking away. The two others are nowhere to be found.

    I still feel nothing. Not out of shock or ill-spirited thoughts or anything. I do not even search or wonder about the two other people.

    I start marching towards the sun.

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